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Find sales comparables, quick.
Parcels are displayed on the map and in the List View.


If you’re looking for an online property data solution that runs advanced sales comparables fast, you’ve come to the right place! The ParcelQuest Appraise robust search engine allows you to customize the criteria of your sales comparable search and see the results in a list view and on the interactive street map.

Find Sales Comparables Fast!

The ParcelQuest Appraise search engine will quickly locate and display your subject property and corresponding comparables on both the interactive map and in the list view. With the ‘Draw Neighborhood’ tool, you can quickly narrow the map display to include only those parcels in your drawn area of interest. Or from the list view, you can narrow your selection of parcels even further based on various characteristics.

Customize Your Sales Comp Search Criteria

With the ParcelQuest Advance Search Sales Comp tool, you can customize your sales comp criteria including gross living area, date range, radius size and land use. You can even add optional search criteria. When you’re all done, you’ll have the option of saving your custom settings for future use.

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